If I could sing another song, I'd sing to you banalities,
That warmed the heart for all days long, and kept your lovers tidy,
Instead I sing of stories true, no loving maids turned shyly,
But page by page we'll drown us two, deeply in the Gin Diaries...

...Or in other words, welcome to the new website for Fergusson Elliott, actually my first dedicated and paid for site. Here you will find lots of info, gig dates, contact details, goodies to view, listen to and purchase, if you have some spare cash that is in these times of austerity. Do have a look, listen and a general poke around, and maybe one night come to a show and we will discuss all matters of unimportance over a decent pint.


Tonight at Seamus’

Well the date was wrong on the original post – oops , the gig is actually tonight not tomorrow night, so come and have a cheeky guinness tonight down in Bristol town at Seamus O’Donnell’s at 9.00pm sharp!