Tonight at Seamus’

Well the date was wrong on the original post – oops , the gig is actually tonight not tomorrow night, so come and have a cheeky guinness tonight down in Bristol town at Seamus O’Donnell’s at 9.00pm sharp!

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New year

It’s coming to the end of my first year back in Bath – lovely town, and I am almost used to being a city lad again, but still missing the open road with all the mysteries of a new town or village to discover each day.  So it’s time to dust off the instruments and start the gigs again, beginning this Sunday at a new venue for me and nicely local-ish!  This Sunday at 4.00pm at the Ring O’ Bells in Compton Martin, North Somerset, get in !

Bath bound

It has been a long 2 years on the road for this folkie lad, but it is time to hang up the wheels – doesn’t make a lot of sense that sentence perhaps, but you get the meaning.  I have swapped the itinerant lifestyle of a roaming musician living out of a motorhome, to that of a city dweller, mind you the city I have moved to is incredibly beautiful, and houses quite a few venues.  I will of course still be playing around the country, but perhaps spending a lot more time in the southern half of the country.  While this is a bit of a sad decision to have made, it will however allow me to record again so perhaps behind some doors there is a tankard of ale waiting ??

New songs alert

Foto 06.09.14 19 50 51So I’ve been working on some new material lately with the view of recording in the winter, it’s a tricky process whilst living and travelling around in a motorhome, but we are getting there.  Strangely the guitar songs have come all in one rush over a period of 2 months, whereas the Irish Bouzouki numbers are being their normal obstinate selves.  Currently my favourite new song is a ballad, telling the tale of slaver’s guilt, drinking away his gains in a flea-bitten tavern in a French port, the song is called simply, Nice.  Not exactly a dancing number perhaps, but I love it anyway.

The Freshford Pie and Ale festival/weekend/thing!

Oh yes it is on again! Pies, ales, music and I don’t have all the relevant details it is true, but I do know that it is on this weekend, I’m playing on Saturday at midday, the Ale will be flowing and the pies a-cooking.  Really what else do you need to know – hmm the address perhaps – The Inn at Freshford, Freshford BA2 7WG – near Bath etc.


A Cornish Corker

I’m down in cornwall again, a part of the world that I find harder to leave each time I am here especially with temps in the high 20’s – brilliant.  I am today on the north west coast in Tintagel but it’s off to St Mawes tomorrow to play firstly at a festival celebrating the birth of a brand new radio station, Hub radio 96.1 and 96.4 fm apparently.  The festival runs on friday and saturday, I am playing on the friday at 5.30, it all looks rather cool and it is quite exciting to be playing for the launch of a brand new radio station, check em out on

Later that night I will be gigging to the wee hours down the road in the town of Tregony at the King’s arms from 9 pm, a grand pub that has only recently delved into the murky world of live music, so I had better be on it and folkin it proper!

Sunday afternoon I will be finishing off the weekend at the Castle inn St Ives, a return gig for me for the lovely peeps down in St Ives, last time I was here I did an hour busking outside the pub – well why not – get a suntan and do some on street promotion – beats pushing a pen round the table til you are 75 ! so im gonna do that again – fore st St Ives from 1.30 pm.

Freshford Friday

This Friday night it’s back at the lovely Inn at Freshford for some damn fine tunes and ale, and me good mates Jenny and Jon from folk band Silverthorne are popping down to do a wee set and drink some ale, ahhh it’s going to be grand!

This is how it goes…

So this is how it goes sometimes, I’m playing a gig in St Ives on a sunday afternoon, half way through a set a member of the audience asks for a card and mentions a possible spot at a folk club in the future.  At the end of the gig we have a proper chat, it turns out that  the chap runs a small folk club in another part of cornwall near St Mawes, which just so happened to be the area that I was travelling to next.  We talk about the future folk club gig the following week at a pub that has just started doing live music, I am introduced to the landlord and recommended, the landlord promptly books me for a gig later in the month.  All good so far, but while the conversation is going on, another chap in the pub overhears the gig booking and asks for a chat as well, ten minutes later, Ive been booked as the opening act for a new radio station lunch/festival for the same day as the pub gig, which is by the the way for the Hub radio festival  sooooo. from the one gig ( which also booked in a return gig ) came four gigs, brilliant really, the lesson here is hmmm well to get work in this game er you have to be working.

Summer, Laptops and Vans

So the great English summer has returned – nice, sort of makes up for a traumatic couple of months with me laptop dying slowly in a somewhat amateur dramatic kind of way – I think it was pretending to play Julius Caesar and got carried away with the death scene!  Well it finally did die, which meant that boo, I had to buy a new one, but yay, I could access my website again – phew – always back up on paper log in details etc, dont bother with another electronic device to store your shit, store your shit I say!  Anyway I’m back online and have written down them pesky details in a safe place…. in ink and everything.

The other slight issue recently – yeah this is turning into a big moan, is the van has decided to be more of a car than a home, ie it actually wanted things done to it to keep it moving !?? new tyres all round, servicing, taxing etc – ahh the joys of the road and the paying for the road, on the plus side, summer is here and gigs are coming in now that England are out of the cup – shock !  So come on Britain, get out there drink some fine ale and go and see some live music!